Conferences, Seminars and Workshops 2023

Congress in Dresden, Germany: German Health Practitioners February 4, 2023

The congress is organized by the FACHVERBAND DEUTSCHER HEILPRAKTIKER e.V. (FDH Bonn) and is held in the Hilton Hotel in Dresden. 

The presentation by Dr. Blaurock-Busch is given in German at 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM in Room 2. 

Presentation title: KLINISCHE NÄHRSTOFFTHERAPIE FÜR EIN STARKES HERZ (Atherosklerose und Angina Pectoris: Diagnostik und Forschung. Vorbeugung und Therapie mittels gezielter Orthomolekulartherapie)

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MTM Seminars and Workshops 2023


10:00 AM - 03:00 PM (UTC +1)

Evidence-based Chelation plus Tips for the Chelation Practice (in English Language)

Place: Lake Geneva, Switzerland
(Place to be determined)

Cost: € 200.00 includes Handbook of Chelation Therapy

Registration: link

Yvette Busch

Fon +49/9151/4332
Fax +49/9151/2306

Registration deadline: March 22, 2023