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Comparing the Genetic Detox Ability and Heavy Metal Burden in a Cohort of Samples of Egyptian Children and those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Our latest research paper on autism was just published in the Journal of Clinical and Medical Research. We compared the toxic metal burden of autistic and healthy patients living in the same environment (as we had done with our...[więcej]


MTM Workshop and Webinar Information 2019

Topics: Medical Workshops and Conferences, Conferences and Workshops 2019, Webinars 2019[więcej]

27.08.2019 MTM Workshop

The Effect of Vitamin D on Cancer Incidence and Survival

The results of a phase 2 randomized controlled trial (RCT) of high- vs. low-dose vitamin D3 supplementation for 139 patients with advanced colorectal cancer taking chemotherapy was recently reported in JAMA [Ng et al., 2019]. The...[więcej]

15.07.2019 vitamin D

MTM Workshop and Conference Information 2019

Topics: Medical Workshops and Conferences, Conferences and Workshops 2019, METDETOX conference in Berlin, June 2019[więcej]

25.06.2019 MTM Workshop

International Conference on Metal Detoxification June 10-13, 2019, Berlin, Germany

Keynote Speakers: Prof. Boyd Haley, USA; Dr. Swaran DJ Flora, India; Dr. Olle Selinus, Sweden; Dr. Joachim Mutter, Germany; Dr. E. Blaurock-Busch, Germany; and much more...[więcej]

27.05.2019 International Conference

Workshop Testing for Heavy Metals: Hair Mineral Analysis, April 13, 2019, London, United Kingdom

Hair mineral analysis will also show what levels of unwanted toxic metals such as Mercury are in the system, hindering absorption of other vital minerals. The ratio of minerals is also indicative of health. The balance of...[więcej]

15.03.2019 Hair Mineral Analysis

New Newsletter N° 25 - March 2019 Now Online

Topics: Laboratory News, Gadolinium - Does Chelation detoxify this metal?, Arsenic and urine test results, Protocol Changes and Plausibility Checks, Combining Chelators, Miscellaneous Samples, Medical Workshops and Conferences,...[więcej]

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